Dave will honor your dedication Monday thru Friday for $20 a session*. At this diabolical low price, these sessions* can only be purchased monthly for $400. (20 sessions*, 5 sessions* a week) , This is the most cost-effective way.

For those of you that can only afford the luxury of seeing us once a week, we will see you for $70 a session*. This QUICK PASS can only be purchased monthly for $280.

Finally, for those of you that have commitment issues, one session* is available for $90. This is the TEST PASS and one week notice is required to book and can be used ANYWHERE & ANYTIME you desire (home, park or gym).

Although all of our trainers have weightlifting and strength training experience and are willing to help you add lean muscle, they are highly specialized in their own unique way. Diverse, knowledgeable and engaging…Tore Up’s Trainers will take you to the next level of fitness whatever your goals may be.

Marc will get your heart rate going with an MMA inspired, boxing and grappling work-out for $80 a session* at the gym with our BOXING PASS. If you’re aggressive and demand an intense work-out that combines years of boxing and Jiu Jitsu experience, then Marc is your trainer. His passion for Jiu Jitsu translates into a work-out that has been described by him as a “wrestling game of chess” that involves every muscle in your body.

email: phone: 818.200.5219